Mr. & Mrs. Lee [same day edit]

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a Same Day Edit from

A big thanks to the couple, Susie and Bobby, for letting me be a part of their wedding celebration. They were big fans of the Inception Reception and wanted something similar, and this is what we came up with. This screened at their reception.

congrats Susie and Bobby!!


the marriage of Allyson & Brian

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Congrats Allyson & Brian! It was a great day for a South Bay Wedding!

Kickstarter Update: Half Way There

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Update No.1: We Did It!

Update No.2: Vine

Update No.3: New Reward

half way there and thankful for the support so far!
Please spread the word!
kickstarter here

Kickstart This

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our latest project. enjoy! and share! and enjoy!

cant embed the video for some reason.. lame.

for fun

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Perfect Fit Reel

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follow-up on the last post – i installed jetpack on the new site but not sure what it does. it says it’s connected here but I dont know if the posts from there will show up here or vice versa.

either way, here is an updated reel for Perfect Fit Studios.


Moving this Blog

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for all you nice subscribers out there, we are moving this blog to make it look better! here’s the new address:

so if you want to see more, please go there and subscribe. thanks!